We simplify your life with online payments and help
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Who we are

We are the Clarity Global team — dedicated experts who make international money transfer rapid, user-friendly, and 100% secure. With Clarity Global, any method you choose only takes a few steps to send or receive payment online.

Our mission

We pride ourselves on providing our customers with reasonable exchange rates, convenient payment transfers, and a courteous and prompt service that you would recommend to your friends.

Our values

We take our reputation very seriously: a transparent relationship with customers is a must. To maintain our reputation, we work through mutual trust, support, and honesty to ensure that our clients, partners, and employees are proud of their cooperation with us.

Our goal

Our goal is to be the most reliable and innovative provider in the payment industry, offering efficient solutions to our customers across all markets worldwide.

Our partners

At Clarity Global, we are proud to collaborate with reputable Canadian firms to support our business operations:

Stikeman Elliott

Our trusted legal partner, ensuring we navigate complex legal matters with precision and expertise.

Segal GCSE

Our dedicated audit firm, helping us maintain financial transparency and integrity in all our endeavours.

Clients say about us:

David Wilson

Clarity Global made our business approval a breeze; their process is streamlined, and their team is exceptionally responsive!

Lukas Novak

When our business required a unique payment solution, particularly transferring funds to China, Clarity Global stepped in with a prompt and seamless solution recommendation, ensuring everything went off without a hitch. Their expertise in navigating non-standard payment solutions was impressive, leaving us confident and relieved.

Alice Wong

We can't speak highly enough of Clarity Global's SEPA instant service; it's been a game-changer for us. It has revolutionised the way we handle financial transactions, providing us with a level of convenience and speed that we never thought possible.

Andrew Carter

Clarity Global went above and beyond by connecting one of my Canadian companies with two banking partners, simplifying financial operations and making life easier for the company's accountants. Thank you!

Emily Turner

Guys from Clarity Global truly understand our business needs and their ability to address all our inquiries effortlessly is a testament to their expertise and commitment. What truly sets them apart is their profound understanding of specific business niches.

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