Unique Offer

Our way to develop the unique offer

Client service-oriented
Tailor-made solutions
Sphere expertise
Service companies, Affiliation, Marketing
Yes, and improving

Client’s needs we can cover:

Overall needs

If you are willing to diversify your solutions and services and manage your money allocation risks - or to spread your payment directions and types within different financial institutions.


If it’s essential for you to have a partner who treats and keep your account and business as his own, answers your calls and requests six days a week, and fills your account with new services, solutions and opportunities within a lifetime.


If you need a banking partner, you can communicate in your preferred way - by Whatsapp, Telegram, Skype, Email or Phone - we’re here for you.


If you need a banking solution that processes your transactions each business day.


If you need a banking partner, not a solution, who can provide you with a Tailor made pricing schedule integrated into your business financial model.


If your business-sphere is Service companies, Affiliation, or Marketing, and you want to work with expert people in these spheres.


If your business is going to scale to such markets as:

  • Africa
  • North America
  • GCC
  • Europe
  • South Asia

Need in Money Remittance services

Dedicated account

We offer a smooth onboarding process and personal assistance if needed.

Smooth and fast transfer arrival with multiple sender bank accounts and direct transfer execution depending on the country, transfer system and beneficiary requirements.

If you struggle with maintaining your company and personal expenses, employees’ payroll etc., we are ready to meet your needs in a structure of accounts for your company and business:

  • Main Company account.
  • Employee and UBO accounts for payrolls and expenses.
  • Expenses Debit Cards for the UBO and Employees.
  • Stable Outsource agents and individual partners for instant payments.

If your counterparty's accounts are within our solution, you can send and receive funds cheaply and instantly.

Aggregated account

For those interested in urgent solutions - Fast and Light onboarding and account reference letter provision.

One-time deal execution - A need for Receiving and sending transactions from/to the counterparties, industries or countries you don’t need to be in the established connection with.

If your bank is not ready to work with some of your senders or receivers due to its internal rules, procedures, industries and country restrictions, or its fees are too high to be used for such transfers.

If you have your counterparty's accounts within our solution, you can send and receive funds cheaply and instantly.